License Plate Lookup Service

Virginia-License-Plate-Number-ExampleItalian dealer plates have a square (16.5 by 16.5 cm) size and follows the format XXpX/XXXX (where “X” could be a letter or a digit) arranged in two lines. They are the only kind of Italian plates whose code could be chosen by the owner.
Have the prefix “CRI” (Croce Rossa Italiana) in red, the style is CRI 000LL, while “L” is a letter, and “0” is a number.¬†Between “CRI” and the other characters there is the Red Cross sign. They use the same style of pre-1999 plates; the final code of two-line plates always starts with the letter “Z”. Here’s a great license plate lookup service indented for car owners and those who would like to investigate car history.
Have the prefix “VF” (Vigili del Fuoco) in red. They have the same style and dimension of Port Authority plates, but they don’t have text in the bottom section. Firefighters of autonomous regions use special Firefighters plates issued locally.
Have the prefix “CP” (Capitaneria di Porto) in red. They have the text “GUARDIA COSTIERA” at the bottom. Those plates are considerably shorter than a standard one (circa 35 by 52mm), front and rear plates have the same size and square rear plates are not available.
They have the same style of Diplomatic plates, but they start with “EE” instead of “CD”. The upper part of the plate has a small space for accommodating expiry date stickers.
Agricultural machines have motorcycle-sized plates following the AA-0/00A scheme written in black on yellow. Agricultural trailers have the text “RIM AGR.” in red on the upper part. The style is same as the old trailer plates but background is yellow and the serial is AA-000A. Agricultural trailers have to show both their own plates and a prime mover repetition one.
These plates have the prefix “CF” (Corpo Forestale) in red. The format is CF L00 AA, “CF” is a prefix, then “L” is a letter, two numbers and then “AA” suffix which is unknown, for example “CA”, in red. Forestry Corps of autonomous regions use special dedicated plates, showing the province (or region) of registration.
These abbreviations for the names of provinces are extensively used in contexts other than vehicle registration. For example, “Trino (VC)”, to indicate a place called Trino in the province of Vercelli, could appear on letterheaded paper or in a postal address or in a guide book and very often on business cards and trade signs. The abbreviations even count as valid words in crosswords and in Scarabeo, the Italian version of the board game Scrabble. Sometimes, the code RM is used instead of Roma for the province of Rome, in postal addresses or documents.

Sardinia formed four new provinces in its territory in 2001, but this act was recognized by national authorities only in 2008; these provinces gained the right to put their codes on cars, which are VS for the Province of Medio Campidano (from its capital cities Villacidro and Sanluri), CI for the Province of Carbonia-Iglesias, OG for the Province of Ogliastra and OT for the Province of Olbia-Tempio.